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Vehicle Stolen & Break-ins

To All Neighbors:

Please be advised that on Thursday 9/8/23 at approximately 2:30am several vehicles were broken into and one was stolen. Two individuals went through the neighborhood and broke into several cars that were left unlocked. They communicated by using flash lights (see pictures).

The Johnston County Sheriff's Department is asking for anyone with camera footage or information to submit it to the department via the contact info below:

Kent Sutherland

Case number 2023-4165

Please be sure to lock your cars and homes and if you see or hear anything suspicious please don't hesitate to contact the Johnston County Sheriff department. Let's work together to keep our neighborhood safe!


Eagles Nest Phase III HOA Board

Joe Durant, President

David Cox, Vice President

Jordan Booth, Secretary

Andrea Ford, Treasurer

Katie Blaha, Architectural Committee

Telowa Coleman, Architectural Committee

Maureen Whelan, Architectural Committee

Josh Croy, Board Member

Richard McMinis, Board Member

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