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August 29, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2023 | 7:30 pm

Attendance: Joe, Katie, Andrea, David, Maureen, Telowa, Jordan


Landscaping Issues:

  • Problem property still not cutting the lower part and side of the yard. Property Management will send another letter explaining areas he has to cut.

  • HOA voted unanimously that if the problem is not addressed within 5 days of Property Management’s letter to have the grass cut and fine the owner in the amount of the bill.

Stop Signs:

  • The vendor has the signs but wants to meet with Joe & Property Management before installing.

  • Sign placement will be in NCDOT right of way and we will try our hardest to place them in the most non-invasive place possible so as to not interfere with member yards and driveways.

  • Draw up a map and send it out to the neighborhood with a letter letting them know when and where the signs are going up.

Welcoming Committee:

  • Two new neighbors in the neighborhood need to be welcomed

  • Instead of knocking on doors we will send a letter with gift cards from local businesses, this is less intrusive and does not put committee members in uncomfortable situations.

Landscaping at front:

  • clean up the landscaping in front:

  • clean out dead flowers and grass.

  • remove mulch and lay down weed fabric & edging

  • replace mulch with new mulch: have bags delivered?

  • Several board members have volunteered to do this work to cut costs, we will meet in the morning on 9/24 with 10/1 as our rainout date


  • Andrea contacted property management about dues letters, and will follow up with him about it.

  • Funds have been low with a lot of outstanding dues payments.

  • Update: on 8/31 Andrea contacted group with update from property management: There are now only four members that have not paid dues however some have payments pending


  • The board would love if we could have the neighborhood participate more for halloween and hope it would be another opportunity to create community! If we set a date and time for halloween and trick-or-treating in the community maybe we will have a higher turn out.

  • To Do: Katie & Jordan have volunteered to coordinate

  • Set Date & Time: Saturday Before Halloween - what time?

  • Send poll on fb to see what time works

  • Print a sign & send out email with date and time.

Yard Sale:

  • create a poll to see when the next one should be

Annual Meeting:

  • Notify all Board Members that they are required to attend the annual meeting.

  • Hold Elections for at least one new member.

  • Give 30 Days notice to all community members - Send out notice by 9/11

  • This year we will hold the meeting via zoom since only 2 community members showed up to the in person meeting last year.

  • Meeting Time: 10/9/23 @ & 7:30

  • Board will meet on Tuesday 9/26 7:30 pm to confirm the agenda and plan discussion.

08-29-23 Minutes
Download PDF • 47KB

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