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May 30, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

May 30, 2023 | 7:30 pm

Attendance:. Joe, Katie, Andrea, David, Maureen, Telowa, Jordan


Food Truck/Block Party:

  • Didn’t go as well as we hoped, turnout was not great but wasn’t terrible.

  • Might try another neighborhood event maybe around halloween to see if we can get more of the community together

Yard Sale:

  • The Yard Sale went well for neighbors that participated.

  • Consider doing this annually or twice a year.

  • Get bigger signs next time.

  • Advertise earlier & encourage neighbors to advertise big items via facebook marketplace & community buy sale trade pages to draw in larger crowds.

New Board Members:

  • Board members voted 6-2 to not allow renters on the board. This will need to be added to the governing documents.

  • Put together an ad/email campaign to recruit new board members in time for elections in October at the annual meeting.


  • Speeding in the neighborhood has gotten really bad

    • Revisit speed bumps? - Jordan will contact NCDOT

      • On 6/3 Jordan got in contact with NCDOT for speed bumps rules and process. The process is very involved and a bit more expensive than our funding will allow currently. The board has decided to table this idea in favor of trying stop signs first.

    • Joe will look into Stop Signs as an alternate option:

      • On 6/1 Joe spoke with property management about the speeding issue and they confirmed adding 3 way stop signs at the intersections on Soaring Eagle Trail is within our rights as a Community/HOA Board and will contact the company we used previously for the 25 mph speed limit sign.

      • The board voted 7-0 in favor of this option with 2 members not responding.

      • To begin we will install all-way stops at the first to intersections in the neighborhood as well as add two more speed limit signs and slow children at play signs.

      • After a trial period,if we need to add another all-way stop at the last intersection we will do so once we’ve recouped funds.

      • Option 1 - Estimate Received 6/27/23

        • 4 street signs w/stop signs$5800.00

        • 4 stop signs w/ children at play$6780.00

        • 2 speed limit signs $650.00

        • installation $870.00

        • Total$14100.00 + tax

        • Board unanimously voted against this option, even though we like the nicer signs, this is too expensive.

      • Option 2: Estimate Received 8/4/23

        • Total cost $2,541.83

        • Board voted in favor of this option.

    • David will contact Johnston County Sheriff's Department again about patrolling neighborhood

Member Concerns?

  • Send out email for concerns or feedback so David can collect them all and send them to the mayor protem

    • Put together a survey?

Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 29th @7:30

5-30-23 Board Meeting
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