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January 10, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes


Welcome New Members

  • Maureen Whelan- Architectural Committee, Welcoming Committee

Review of Community Meeting


  • New neighbors being charged $20/ month for HOA by their mortgage company- this should not be happening to the HOA in a one time yearly fee.

  • Rick sent out a certified letter this week to the homeowner with a broken down car in the drive.

  • No Annual Dues letters were sent out- Rick is sending out emails but no letters

    • Let Rick know emails AND letters must be sent out to neighborhood members for communications.


  • Current Landscaper has not gotten back to Andrea on a landscape plan.

    • Last met in October

    • November, still too busy

    • Checked in January still had no information on plants/landscaping but said just the cost of labor would be $2,400

  • Jones Landscaping quote for renewing plants/landscaping around the entrance signs.

    • Josh will reach out w/ initial contact

    • Joe will meet w/landscape group and take over landscape management

Block Party Planning

  • Board is not super enthusiastic about putting together the event since there were only 3 attendees at the community meeting in October.

  • Food Trucks seems like overkill

  • *Ice Cream Social - Ice Cream Truck, things for kids to play on.

  • Action Items

    • Rent an Ice cream truck/desert truck - Joe

    • Bouncy House Maybe? - Need to check into insurance

    • Communication/Flyers: Let the community know when/where/what time it will be. - Jordan

    • Date: Saturday 4/29/2023

    • Time: TBD 1-4/2-5 (See how much truck cost per/hour

Meeting Every 3 Months - Tuesday March 21st 7:30

Schedule Zoom Meeting & Reminders

Post Dues Letter to Website

Upload Photos to Website

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