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August 9, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2022 | 7:30-9:00pm

Attendance: Joe, David, Katie, Andrea, Jordan, Allie, Telowa.

Agenda Items:


  • Entrance Signs - Katie

    • Company has the deposit & signs are in production.

    • ETA 2-4 weeks from 7/29/22

  • Welcoming Committee - David

    • Welcoming Letter

    • All letters & welcoming gifts have been delivered to new residents.

    • Everyone seems happy with the way the welcoming committee has been communicating with new neighbors

  • Block Party - Joe

    • Planning Document Link

    • Neighborhood preference is for a block party with games/activities for kids.

    • Schedule for Spring.

Next Steps: Address at community meetings and reach out to volunteers.

  • Facebook - Andrea

    • Quiet, no issues

    • Good Amount of people wanting to join the group

    • Fake Accounts - Revisit questions to join the group and make them something neighborhood members would know.

  • Road Resurfacing - Jordan

    • No updates, still working on quotes.

    • Quote for resurfacing & Quote for patching problem areas.

  • Phase 1 & 2

    • Lawn maintenance of ditches could be done because they are common areas.

    • Put together a letter to mail out inviting them to our community meeting.

      • Start draft and email out to David & Andrea to help compose.

    • Could Phase II be purchased or be allowed to build a common area/playground on?

  • Management Company

    • Rick’s treatment of community members and sending letters without board authorizations is an ongoing issue.

    • Switching to a new management company is an option; however, every quote we have received so far is expensive and we’ve not found something that could work without increasing HOA fees yet.

Put together proposals from information that other Management Companies have given us to present to community members.

  • Possibly hold a community wide vote to increase dues in order to switch management companies if this is something enough members really want to do.

  • Spending too much on landscaping, need to switch companies and take over management from RDA/Rick

Covenant & Fines

  • Covenant revisions write up needs to be reviewed before sending to Rick.

    • Send out revisions document for edits by board

    • Fencing Regulation needs to be specific list of what is allowable

      • No fences taller than 8’

      • No fences past the back corner of the house (into the front of the yard)

      • Allow for further than 20’ from the house/up to easements

      • Take part out about joco guidelines

  • Review Covenants & Set Fines - Push to another meeting time, create review document or add to current revision doc.

Community Zoom Meeting/Board Election

  • Schedule for late September/ early October

  • Set Agenda

  • Does Rick/RDA Associates need to be present?

  • Hold elections for vacancies - members who have reached term (Allie & Telowa)

  • Hand out flyers for meetings as well as email, website, and facebook communication.

  • Zebulon Community Center.

    • Ask for pricing & cost of chairs/set up and if they have the infrastructure to support broadcasting the meeting via zoom?

Landscape Management

  • Grass needs to be cut every week during the summer.

  • Does it seem like we are paying too much for landscape maintenance?

    • Andrea’s Landscape Company would charge $40 cut

Next steps: find a new landscape company, get a quote for cutting just the front and a quote for the front & common areas/ditches.

Other Issues

  • Rental Company Issues: Can we limit the amount of rental properties in the neighborhood? Are there rules that we can put in the covenants that would make it so rental management companies have to register with the HOA Board & Rick, give contact information for the company, property manager, and current tenants. Make sure the rental company knows they will be held responsible for violations/fines.

  • Sign Holders for Mailboxes for Printed Announcements

Next Meeting:

  • Planning for Community Meeting 1 week before meeting.

Action Items:

Community Meeting

  • Set Date & Time

  • Confirm Rental of Zebulon Community Center

  • Set Agenda

    • Completed Projects & Future/Proposed Projects

    • Elections for vacancies

    • Community Event: Present Finding of Poll & Call for Volunteers

    • New Management Company Proposal: Put together information received from Management Companies to present to community members.

  • Phase I Residents Invitation to Community Meeting: Start Draft & Send to Andrea & David to work on.

  • Create Flyers & Invitations to Community Meeting Once Date & Time are set.

  • Purchase a sign holder for mailboxes to protect event posters/signs from weather.

Other Items

  • Facebook: Block the & fake account that recently posted & try to make security questions to join the group stronger/something neighborhood members would know.

  • Covenant Revisions: Send the revision document to board members for revisions and final approval before sending it to Rick.

  • Add Covenant Review & Setting Fines to Agenda for meeting after the community meeting.

  • Find a new landscape company:

    • Quotes for cutting just the front

    • Quote for the front & common areas/ditches.

8-9-22 Minutes
Download PDF • 59KB

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